1. Young Parent Program:We follow the guidance of our elders and invite and encourage young parents to continue their education while pregnant or after baby is born AND offer the opportunity for young parents to bring their child to school with them to continue bonding with their child while they engage in their educational journey (age limit of 18 months old applies).        

2. Grade 7 – 9 Core courses:Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, P.E., Siksika Language and Culture are offered as Core courses for our Junior high students.

 3. Grade 10 – 12 Core courses:Math, Language Arts, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies, CALM, Siksika Language and Culture and P.E. are Core courses offered to our Senior high students. Course range from -3 to -1 levels for each grade.

4. CTS Courses:100+  complementary option courses are offered at SOS. Examples include, Cosmetology, Mechanics, Food Studies, Leadership, Law, Work Experience, Typing, Digital Editing and Data input courses, etc.

5. Mathletics and Literacy Programming: Supports for students needing extra instruction in literacy are offered daily.

6. School wide standardized testing:We use standardized testing to help us place students at the appropriate levels and help us find out where students need specific remediations.

7. Siksika Language and Culture:We are proud to use this program as the foundation of all our learning and help students become proud of who they are, their language and their culture and to find out how they can make a positive impact in their community and the western world.

8. Elder Program:We are proud to have in-house elders available at our school for wisdom and guidance and interacting with our students for daily routines and a variety of events.

9. Restorative Justice:We emphasize healing vs punishment when conflict and sensitive issues arise. We are thankful for our elder support in this area as well.

10. Traditional Parenting:We offer both mothers and fathers a course on traditional parenting in an effort to keep our culture alive and well and to learn the practice and value of Siksika ways of knowing so our children will benefit for years to come. Of course credits are offered where applicable.

11. Drumming:We desire our students to have the opportunity to learn the practice and importance of drumming and how drumming is an essential part of our lives in our spiritual journey, celebrations, wellness, healing and traditions.        
12. Leadership (SEED Connection):        We offer leadership courses that provide opportunities for students to grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically and prepare students to make positive impacts in their own lives, their own community and the global world. Focuses for this course includes; leadership skills, problem solving, critical thinking, technology literacy, innovation, global awareness and concern and care for themselves and their world. This opportunity includes a 4 day off campus excursion. Credits are offered to those students who participate.

13. Work Experience:      Students have the opportunity to participate in work experience projects where they can earn credits toward their high school diploma. Work experience opportunities include both on and off campus experience.        
14. Post Secondary Planning:    Post secondary planning is offered to our students and includes tours of post secondary institutions, in school presentations, career inventory testing and planning, assisting with  application forms for housing, schooling, child care, transportation, forming partnership with schools, agencies and individuals who may support our students after graduation.

15. Diploma Prep Tutorials:We offer diploma practice testing and tutorials before all diploma exam writing sessions to help prepare students for diploma examinations for all grade 12 students and those interested in participating.

16. Equine Program:We offer equine (horse) therapy for students with a focus on student leadership, healing, learning about self, respect and communication.

17. Art Program:So many of our students have a natural talent in the expression of art and we wish to help enhance those natural skills. Not only do we offer the art curriculum from Alberta Education Program of Studies, but we bring in professional artists to teach, guide and hone the skills of our budding artists!

18. Community Partnership Program:We value the over 26 community partnerships we have formed and continue to nurture in an effort to strengthen our programs and meet the needs of our students. Examples of some of our partnerships include;  

19. Funding Program:We have access to Alberta Works which is a provincial program that offers financial supports to many students in post secondary school across Alberta. Although we are not a post secondary school, a select few of our students may be eligible to apply for funding with Alberta Work while they go to school (primarily young parents or select older students who may meet the requirements set out by Alberta Works). Please ask about the the requirements if you are interested.

20. Service Learning Program:We offer many service learning opportunities for our students at SOS. It isour desire that our students learn the value of serving others and understand that care and concern for others is an important part of giving back to those we love, our community and those in need, including those  beyond our own community. Examples include; our annual pre- school Christmas shopping, community clean up projects, the family literacy projects, adopt an elder program, etc. Of course our students may earn some credits for their service, but the learned value of service is far more important and the benefits of these projects for countless people are invaluable.

21. Mentorship Program:We offer a mentorship program where each student is under the guidance and supervision of one staff member/elder who pays special attention to their growth and needs. Mentoring their progress in all areas (emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, intellectually and socially) is of utmost importance.The holistic approach we use as a foundational philosophy stems from the Circle of Courage where we strive to create a sense of belonging, facilitate mastery, provide opportunities for independence and celebrate generosity!

22. Stop Smoking Course:We strive to offer a stop smoking course for students each semester to provide encouragement, support and a specific plan to help students kick the habit.