1. Is your school a registered writing centre for Alberta diploma examinations?Yes, we register our school to be a writing centre for all diploma examinations writing for January and June. We often register to be a writing centre for November and April as well, but please contact the school for more information
2. Do you take walk-ins for writing diploma examinations?Yes, we have registered to be a writing centre we will take walk-ins
3. Are your school diploma examinations the exact same examinations the provincial schools taking?Yes, our students are taking the exact same diploma examinations as all other students in Alberta
4. How do I register to take a diploma examination?Either your school will have you registered or you can go to myPass and register yourself. If you are rewriting the diploma examinations you must register yourself
5. Where and when do I find the results of my diploma exams?Go to your myPass to find your results. Getting your results may take up to 4-6 weeks so keep checking myPass if you do not find your results the first time you check. Your school will also get your results
6. When are diploma examinations held?January and June are the two most common times, but diploma examinations may also be written in November and April. Summer writing sessions are also available in some schools.
7. How do I get help preparing for my diploma examination?Attending school daily and putting your best effort in is the first and important step. Secondly, participate in the diploma prep sessions offered at the school. No student has failed the diploma course
8. Does it cost money to write the diploma examination?It does not cost any money if you are writing the examinations for the first time. If you are doing a rewrite there will be a nominal fee to do so. Check with your school for specific fee (approx. $26.00)